DNA/mRNA Vaccines

The Nucleic Acid Vaccines Forum

21-23 October 2024, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland

Nucleic acid vaccines have been attracting attention as an alternative to the standard attenuated pathogen or protein based vaccine. However, an unrealized advantage of using such DNA or RNA based vaccination modalities is the ability to program within these nucleic acids regulatory devices that would provide an immunologist with the power to control the production of antigens and adjuvants in a desirable manner by administering small molecule drugs as chemical triggers. Advances in synthetic biology have resulted in the creation of highly predictable and modular genetic parts and devices that can be composed into synthetic gene circuits with complex behaviors. With the recent advent of modified RNA gene delivery methods and developments in the RNA replicon platform, future researchers will create genetic circuits encoded exclusively on RNA. 

The DNA/mRNA Vaccines meeting in Lausanne meeting will focus on current and future developments of Nucleic Acid Vaccines.

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