Skin Vaccination Summit

28-30 March 2023, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Recognition of the skin by vaccinologists as an ideal anatomical target has gathered momentum in the past decade. The premise that the dense population of APCs can be targeted, stimulated and loaded with antigens to induce robust immune responses and result in more efficacious vaccines has stimulated many efforts to understand skin physiology, the skin immune system antigen presenting cells, effector responses and modes of immune stimulation and delivery formats. The field is ripe to have broad interchange on relevant related disciplines to focus both research and development efforts on more effective and informative directions. With several products in late stage development and a newly licensed delivery device, a timely multi disciplinary interchange is greatly needed to help set the stage for progress that can lead to capitalizing on the immunopotency of the skin to bring about better human health.

The fifth SKIN VACCINATION SUMMIT – SVS 2023 will again offer an international forum for researchers, both academic and industrial, plus regulators and skin delivery technologists to meet and discuss the current developments and future direction and technology trends in the dynamic field of skin mediated vaccination.

The SVS 2023 meeting will comprise keynote presentations and special sessions and in addition the SVS 2023 organisers invite oral and poster abstract submissions to be considered for inclusion in the meeting schedule.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Conference Scope